Easy Installation, Assembly & Waste Removal

Too busy running your business to worry about installation? No problem!

We offer these services for EVERY product we sell. Our goal is to deliver a product to an end user that is ready to work. We unbox, count for accuracy, assemble properly, adjust if necessary and then discard our cardboard and waste!


Space Saving Solutions uses professional installation materials and top installation technicians to ensure cleanliness, consistency, functionality and safety. From industrial strength wall anchors to universal medical equipment management rail, our materials and solutions are meant to last.

Our Technicians are fully qualified to support all our products, trained in infection control procedures in multiple medical environments and able to develop an infection control plan for each installation area.


• Create and initiate site plan

• Create infection control plan

• Create patient interaction plan

• Review execution of plans with appropriate staff

• Stage equipment and installation materials

• Open and audit all equipment and material

• Install equipment

• Utilize clean installation methods

• Install computer equipment onto equipment

• Complete cable management

• Adjust equipment and test all functionality

• Power on and test all attached equipment

• Clean area and all remaining installation debris

• Break down and dispose of all packaging material on site

• Document and review the installation process

Our team in action!

Our team in action!