Need some extra storage space? Do you find yourself placing frequent orders at higher cost due to lack of warehouse space? Well now you don’t have to - Space Saving Solutions can warehouse your orders until you're ready to receive them! That means you can source more product at a better cost and receive them as you need them - Less ordering, less paperwork, less headache!

Here are just a few of our excellent benefits:

  • We can store large orders in our warehouse and ensure everything ready for delivery so you can focus on a improving your facility and save time on checking shipments.

  • We work closely with our customers to establish the most efficient delivery scheme to keep excess inventory to a minimum.

  • Pallet racked secure storage with surveillance

  • Our warehouse is fully insured

  • Loading docks are not required for pick- ups or delivery

  • We are able to ship products on behalf of the customers for returns to manufacturers, etc.

Learn more about warehousing rates or   contact us   for more information

Learn more about warehousing rates or contact us for more information