Healthcare Equipment & Supplies

Space Saving Solutions has been serving the healthcare industry for years with all types of medical and healthcare related products and services. We work with strategic sourcing, materials management, central sterile processing (SPD), Emergency Room (ER), Operating Room (OR), equipment planning, facilities management, architects, endoscopy, dialysis, Information Technology and many other department managers throughout the medical field. We don’t just offer products, we listen to the needs of each customer and then make recommendations of how we can improve their workflow so they can focus on patient care. Sometimes our customers just need to store more products in the same space or an improved layout for optimal workflow.

Healthcare Storage Solutions

We also help facilities plan new layouts and configurations for new construction as well as renovations or moves. Regardless the size of the project, we focus on delivery the best service and pricing possible. We are committed to helping our healthcare customers obtain meaningful use as it relates to workflow, storage solutions and mobile computing at the point of care. Here is a list of the many product categories we offer:

  • IT/Mobile Computing

  • Pharmacy Fixtures

  • Dialysis

  • Endoscopy

  • Help Desk & IT Staffing

  • Procedure Carts

  • Case Carts

  • Linen Carts

  • O2 Cylinders

  • Modular Case Goods

  • Wall Mounts/Computer Arms

  • Wire Shelving

  • High Density Storage

  • Plastic Bins & Bin Systems

  • Seating

  • Furniture

  • Motorized Carts & Tugs

  • Office Supplies

  • Facility Essentials

  • Much More!