Need to see multiple patients in one run?

Is it important that you be able to access a computer database at a moment’s notice?

If this sounds like you, then you probably already know that a powered cart could make your life a lot easier. But how do you know which powered cart would best suit your needs? That’s where The Clio comes in! Clio carts come in many different models that work for a variety of needs and they can be accessorized to further suit your circumstances.

The most popular Clio models are the following four:

  • C3 - Powered LCD Cart

  • E3 - LCD Powered Cart with Electric Lift

  • C5 - Powered All-in-One Cart

  • E5 - All-in-One Powered Cart

The Clio C3 (pictured above), the LCD model, has a variety of included features that make it a great choice for a first time powered cart user or a lower demand office. Equip-able with different accessories and comes in a multitude of color options to fit any practice or office setting, you get exactly what you’re looking for in one cart!

The Clio E3 (pictured above) is ideal for users who would like to keep things basic with an LCD like model but also add in the electric lift. Still just as easy to use but with the added bonus of a push button that allows you to raise the workstation up and down. With just the touch of the button, you can go from sitting to standing or even walking with your cart!

The Clio C5 (pictured above) is an All-In-One cart. For those who want to have it all on one cart, an all in one device is the best choice. No need to travel from one device to the next, everything you need is on the cart! Great for jobs that are on the go and fast paced but just as simple to use as the basic models.

The Clio E5 (pictured above) our Electric Lift All-In-One cart, for when you need to be able to do it all and want the power of the electric lift as well! This cart literally has it all, just add your own bells and whistles as needed with the modular style accessories. Wonderful for use in hospital wings that require room to room care and works well with a bar code scanner!