How Could You Be Better Organized?

How Could You Be Better Organized?

“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” -Benjamin Franklin

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Bookshelves are a wonderful way to display items in a orderly fashion. We offer a variety of sizing options with the choice for mobility. Choose the depth, number of shelves, color and style of the shelf.


Recharging and storage is easy with laptop/tablet or USB charging cabinets! Install them to a wall for out of the way storage or choose a mobile option for easy transportation


Single door cabinets are perfect for small spaces. They also come with locking handles for items that require extra security.


Filing is a breeze when you have the right kind of cabinet. Vertical. lateral, or multimedia filing systems create a work space where everyone can find what they are looking for!


Storage solutions with a door are a great way to keep a workplace clean and tidy. Keep your bins, office supplies, and tools in a standing cabinet under lock ans key!


Need a place to store things at your desk? Small storage options offer a way to neatly organize your office in a flash!

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All Custom Filing Systems!

All Custom Filing Systems!

Filing Any Way You Need!

What office doesn’t need a filing system?

With Add-A-Stack Shelving, you can create a system that is 100% custom to your space.

Start with your choice of base, levered or non-levered, and build from there!

Choose the number of Filing Levels, Literature Sorters, and Posting or Locking Doors!

There is also a variety of colors to choose between.

Tennsco Colors.PNG

If you would like assistance with measuring the room that you would like to put your Add-A-Stack Units in or finding out how many levels you will need; We would love to help you! Just contact our customer service representative for assistance!

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We have been serving the healthcare industry for over a decade by providing medical equipment, related services, and solutions. We work with Materials Management, Central Sterile Processing (SPD), Emergency Room (ER), Operating Room (OR), Equipment Planning, Facilities Management, Architects, and many more in the medical field.

The value proposition offered by SSS enables our customers to reduce their number of vendors, which simplifies the administrative process for procurement while maximizing your businesses buying power.

Everything you need...

Space Saving Solutions represents hundreds of
different manufacturers to supply our end users with
a consolidated, standardized source for:


  • Space - Equipment Planning

  • Sourcing Consultation

  • Project Management

  • Medical Equipment Repair

  • Storage - Assembly - Logistics

  • Installation - Integration

  • User Demos - Training

  • Relocation Services


  • Storage/Material Handling

  • IT/Mobile Computing

  • Pharmacy

  • Dialysis

  • Endoscopy

  • Procedure Carts

  • Facilities Essentials

  • Much More!

We don’t simply offer products. We listen to your unique
goals and challenges and make recommendations
according to how we can improve your workflow. you can focus on patient care.

Looking for the perfect storage cabinet?

Looking for the perfect storage cabinet?

Every office has unique storage needs, but which type of cabinet is right for you?

We offer options and many varieties so you can find the perfect fit!


  • Traditional

  • Wardrobe

  • Combination

Door Types:

  • Solid

  • C-Thru

  • Open (none)




48 X 18 X 30

48 X 18 X 42

48 X 18 X 78

48 X 24 X 42

48 X 24 X 78


36 X 18 X 42

36 X 18 X 72

36 X 18 X 78

36 X 24 X 42

36 X 24 X 78


Color Choices:

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Welcome to the Digital Age of Healthcare!

Welcome to the Digital Age of Healthcare!

It’s hard to believe that it is almost the year 2020 already! Healthcare has taken leaps in the digital field over the last 19 years alone. Is your company taking full advantage of this digital age of healthcare?

Here are three easy ways that you can bring your business to into the future of the industry!

Upgrade Your Staff’s Stethoscopes

Not much has changed about the stethoscope since it’s invention, until now! With noise cancelling headphones and a digital reading, getting a patients stats is much quicker. Having a digital display can save valuable time and help to eliminate error for emergency and non emergency situations.

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Communicate Better With A Video Conferencing System

Cut down on communication issues with a dependable video conferencing system. Quality discussions about patient information is crucial in administering patient care or for planning hospital development programs. Make the discussion clearer than ever with an optional mic expansion pack.

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Invest In A Telehealth Cart

Having a quality telehealth cart that patient care providers can depend on daily to keep track of critical information is irreplaceable. The ability to also move from one room the next during rounds with ease keeps employees from being run down and performing to the best of their ability all shift.

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These are just some of the ways that you can take your company into the future of healthcare. Provide the best patient care possible by using the best tools available. For further information on how Space Saving Solutions could help your company Click Here.

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How a logistics partner could help you!

How a logistics partner could help you!

Are you looking for a convenient place to purchase office storage or technology equipment?

Then a logistics partner like Space Saving Solutions could be a good fit for you and your company. With a logistics partner, you can fill them in on your needs for a space like an office and they take care of the rest of the work! It really is that simple. Here are the 4 steps that a partner like this will take to make your office exactly what you need it to be! 


1. Map out the area

The first step after listening to your needs that a logistics planner will take is to map out the area and then fill in the map with the equipment you will need to fulfill these needs. This is a critical phase for any space to function properly in the end.

2. Present options

Next the logistics planner will discuss the options they have come up with for your unique design with you. Keeping in mind your budget and desire for the flow of the space, they will determine with you what will be the best fit.

3. Purchasing with power

After making your final choices on the layout of your space the next step that the logistics planner will take is to make the order for all of your equipment. With a partner like Space Saving Solutions, all of your storage and technology needs can be met through just one company.

4. Deliver and Setup

The final step that your logistics planner will take is to have everything delivered to your location, set it all up to be 100% functional and dispose of any waste or packaging. With Space Saving Solutions you can even choose a continued maintenance plan through us on your purchases.

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Could Your Life Easier With A Powered Cart?

Could Your Life Easier With A Powered Cart?

Need to see multiple patients in one run?

Is it important that you be able to access a computer database at a moment’s notice?

If this sounds like you, then you probably already know that a powered cart could make your life a lot easier. But how do you know which powered cart would best suit your needs? That’s where The Clio comes in! Clio carts come in many different models that work for a variety of needs and they can be accessorized to further suit your circumstances.

The most popular Clio models are the following four:

  • C3 - Powered LCD Cart

  • E3 - LCD Powered Cart with Electric Lift

  • C5 - Powered All-in-One Cart

  • E5 - All-in-One Powered Cart

The Clio C3 (pictured above), the LCD model, has a variety of included features that make it a great choice for a first time powered cart user or a lower demand office. Equip-able with different accessories and comes in a multitude of color options to fit any practice or office setting, you get exactly what you’re looking for in one cart!

The Clio E3 (pictured above) is ideal for users who would like to keep things basic with an LCD like model but also add in the electric lift. Still just as easy to use but with the added bonus of a push button that allows you to raise the workstation up and down. With just the touch of the button, you can go from sitting to standing or even walking with your cart!

The Clio C5 (pictured above) is an All-In-One cart. For those who want to have it all on one cart, an all in one device is the best choice. No need to travel from one device to the next, everything you need is on the cart! Great for jobs that are on the go and fast paced but just as simple to use as the basic models.

The Clio E5 (pictured above) our Electric Lift All-In-One cart, for when you need to be able to do it all and want the power of the electric lift as well! This cart literally has it all, just add your own bells and whistles as needed with the modular style accessories. Wonderful for use in hospital wings that require room to room care and works well with a bar code scanner!

The Mobile Health Hub for Healthcare Innovators!

The Mobile Health Hub for Healthcare Innovators!

Find the Nova cart that’s right for you!

Find the Nova cart that’s right for you!

Non-powered Nova carts are great for those who use tablets regularly in the workplace. If you’re looking for a mobile tablet cart, a Nova device could be the right fit for you! The Nova carts offer many useful features that could make your life easier and more convenient.

A Five-Year Limited Warranty is included for each cart.

A Five-Year Limited Warranty is included for each cart.

Nova products offer universal tablet enclosures that secure a wide variety of tablets: Apple iPad Air, Mini, Pro, Microsoft Surface, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Google Nexus, and many others. They also have options for mounted arms or full tilt, pan and rotation that meet the requirements for any situation. All Nova carts are also equipped with hidden cable management channels for power cords and attached accessories.

Nova products are also built to work with a modular accessory system! There are a multitude of accessories that can make your mobile tablet cart even more useful.

Mobile tablet carts are very helpful for those who are on the go. Having your tablet mounted or in a secure bracket can help with video conferencing and keep your employees hands free so they can work on the more important parts of their job.

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Your Mobile Charging Solution! ⚡

Your Mobile Charging Solution! ⚡

Using tablets and chromebooks in the workplace is the way of the future, but a convenient way to charge those electronics has never been available until now… Introducing USB & tablet charging carts! How can a charging cart make your life easier?

Charge multiple portable electronics at one time!

We offer mobile charging stations that hold up to 18, 30 and 42 tablets/chromebooks at a time. This will maximize your storing and charging capacity. Charge one tablet while using another and then change out when needed.

Transportation is a breeze…

With the convenient push handle and the four non-marring 4” casters, two with locking breaks, you will be able to take the charging cart anywhere! Share between multiple departments or floors of a work setting.

Features that protect your devices (and more!)

Each device divider is rubber-coated with a 1” space to provide adequate organization and protection. Including an additional bottom storage shelf and cable management system.

Meets ANSI/BIFMA standards plus…

Constructed from all steel with a padded top surface and internal power strips. Each is a 120V/15A vertical electronic power strip, made to prevent power surges and enable ongoing battery life.

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Make Use Of All Your Space!

Make Use Of All Your Space!

Pair the louvered system panels with our new Wire Mesh Corner Basket! Already have a system? These products all work together seamlessly!

Check out our hanging bins. Perfect for using alongside the Wire Mesh Corner Baskets!