Space Planning

We do this every day.  It’s what we do best.  Most customers call upon us when they are in the design stages of new construction or renovations.  However, we are also frequently called upon to come up with improved layout, workflow and storage solutions so that our customer can make the most of their workspace.

Equipment Planning

Equipment Planning

We work closely with Equipment Planners (especially within the Healthcare Market).  These professionals engage our team to ensure that the best products are used within the appropriate departments of the hospital while ensuring that the storage solutions we provide are within compliance of the Joint Commission, regulations and codes that apply to each department or controlled substance.  Equipment Planners also enjoy the fact that we not only provide design, sales & service but we also provide the final installation and punch list.  We stand by their side until the new hospital or department is ready for opening day.

Design Visualization

We can assist with any phase of your project to ensure your equipment and supplies are ideally positioned to function within your unique workflow.  At Space Saving Solutions, we believe in demonstrating the value we bring to your project, which is why we can let you see the equipment in your most challenging spaces prior to installation.