Space Saving Solutions is a strategic sourcing partner with an established track record of excellence within the Healthcare and Industrial marketplace. SSS represents hundreds of different manufacturers to supply our end users with a consolidated, standardized source for:

  • Storage and Material Handling Products

  • Healthcare Clinical Products

  • IT Products

  • Facilities products

  • The value proposition offered by SSS enables our customers to reduce the number of vendors by standardizing to fewer suppliers which simplifies the administrative process for procurement while maximizing buying power.

    Every customer is unique and for that reason we represent many industry leading suppliers so that we can overcome most obstacles that are presented by our end users. We leverage our experience and exposure to a wide variety of storage and material handling solutions to help customers find ways to become better at what they do. Visit our Online Store or simply contact us today to learn more about how Space Saving Solutions can help you organize your business and your world!
    Matt Borjes leads a team of professionals at Space Saving Solutions with integrity, a positive attitude and industry expertise appreciated by clients and suppliers alike.

    Tim Nelson

    Component Systems, Inc.

    Space Saving Solutions has been serving the healthcare industry for years with all types of medical and healthcare related products and services.

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    Space Saving Solutions has worked with many government agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines.

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    Schools can depend on SSS to provide with shelving, lockers, seating, furniture, information technology (computer hardware), smart boards, facility essentials and many other products and services.

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    We work with a wide variety of manufacturers within the aviation, energy, biotech, textile, foodservice, technology, distribution sectors just to name a few.

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